Testimonial 1

” Starting a small grooming business in a deep recession on a tight budget, makes you consider every item of equipment thoroughly , so when it came time to purchase a dog bath I was shocked at what the market had to offer, very little choice and prohibitive prices, and nothing seemed to come close to my extensive list of needs.

The bath had to be strong, durable and sturdy to accommodate the biggest of dogs, yet deep enough to withstand and contain the ‘shower shake’, but I also had to be able to bath tiny’s comfortably too, it had to have non-slip properties yet be easy to clean, easy to install in a limited space, and look smart but above all, it had to be sensibly priced! Impossible?

Just what I thought until I came across QPS Products and their very helpful creator Jules Quinn and after in depth discussions the QPS Professional Dog Bath was created!

Invest in the best ….. bath in a QPS! ”

Elizabeth Adora Woolass, Paw-fection


Testimonial 2

” My two Old English Sheepdogs regularly come back from a walk with dirty paws and the QPS dog bath we bought and had installed means that I can pop them in when we get home and rinse off their feet easily to keep my house clean and make sure anything nasty they may have picked up on their walk is removed as soon as possible.

It was very useful during the snowy weather to make sure all the salt was washed off their feet so they didn’t get sore. Although I only bath my own two dogs and don’t have a business, I wouldn’t be without the bath! It’s been very hard wearing – no scratches on it – even from eight very large paws – and looks good installed in my ‘dog room’ – my dogs are very spoiled! ”

Karen Stevens
Dog Owner


Testimonial 3

” Our Dog Grooming Salon MUTZ CUTZ in Preston opened up in Nov 09. In the early stages of designing the salon we were struggling to get a dog bath in the measurements we required, this was a key point to the whole layout and design of the room. We had looked everywhere to find one, the ones we found were the wrong size & depth etc. and we thought we would have to redesign the whole layout and reshuffle the pipe work at a cost and delay to the opening.

I stumbled upon QPS on E-Bay by mistake and I have not looked back. I spoke to Jules Quinn about what we would like and nothing was too much trouble, very friendly, helpful and even came up with some other possibilities. QPS supplied us with the bath the size we needed, also the flexibility of drilling where we required the waste pipe, but they spoilt us by being massively cheaper than any others we had seen at that time.

Go on – put QPS to the test they won’t disappoint you. We are shortly expanding and will be booking our next bath with QPS. Good luck for the future. ”

Dawn Harkin, MUTZ CUTZ
Dog Grooming Salon,Preston – Lancashire